So you have grown tired of nobody ever playing any type of supportive role in your team. You wish to fill this hole, but do not have any idea how. Thankfully I'm here today to explain how to maintain a site alone, how to use grenades to assist teammates, along with other essential elements of playing as a support player.

General Rules

To start with, if you've got the advantage, don't become competitive and lose your team the advantage by peeking. Unless, obviously, you have a teammate with you who are going to have the ability to get a return kill. In case you have the same number of players residing on either side, then a trade kill will probably always favors the T side, as the CTs will have to spread their forces thin. Try to queue with at least one buddy in any respect times, and perform the exact places as them. You'll develop exceptional team synergy, which will help your team tremendously. Try to play the exact same area every match. By way of instance, try to consistently either play A site or B site of a map on CT side, this way you can enhance your hold on the website as time passes. Lastly, and this can not be stressed enough, DO NOT TRY TO BE A HERO. You've got four other teammates that can help you win the round. Don't try to win the game by yourself.

CT Side

Among the easiest ways to perform with your CT sides well would be to play as a sight "anchor". What this means is when the enemy team begins attacking another website, and your team mates rotate over to help out, you remain where you are until the bomb has been sighted. This will put you in more clutch situations, and you'll likely not get as many kills, but you will assist your team a good deal. As it's possible that you'll wind up being left alone on a sight, it is very important that you position yourself well. Otherwise the enemy team will easily kill you and choose the website for free. A good place is one where you would have sufficient time to reload while in cover, and you are preferably able to dance around to stall to your teammates to arrive. Some good examples:

  • New Box, B site Inferno
  • Piit, A site Inferno
  • Bench, B site Mirage
  • Triple stack, A site Mirage
  • Pit, long A, Dust 2
  • Generator or River, B site Cache

There are of course more, but this is merely to name a couple. One other important thing to keep in mind is that in case you play the exact same position every round, the enemy team will probably start to counter it. If you're constantly playing behind New Box, then the enemy might try to throw Molotovs to force you out of place. It is also very important to mix things up frequently and move around the website a lot. But if for instance you're alone on the B website of Inferno, but your teammates on the A site have smoked off the choke line between Leading Banana and B site, then it is prudent to take position somewhere where it is possible to see anybody come through the smoke. Fall back to a safe position when the smoke is all about to dissipate and no one is thinking about re-smoking it. Finally, once you're alone on a site, your main goal isn't to have as many kills as you can, it's to slow down the enemy team down long enough for the team to arrive and help out.

T Side

T side tends to be a little more difficult to play aid on, because you you will need to coordinate with your teammates a good deal more. However, should you throw FlashBangs for your teammates, and help smoke off crossfires, then your team can clear out the site more readily, and leave you in an advantageous circumstance. Otherwise you could end up doing more damage for your team than if you had never pitched the smoke whatsoever, You can also assist your team by watching certain smokes to ensure that no one pushes through them. Even though this is a more of a baity method of playing CS, it's an important role and most people do not want to fill it. Seeing as you're devoting your teammates into a certain extent, it is important that you're able to close out rounds to your team. In the event you and a teammate are still alive, attempt to set a crossfire. One of the most common crossfires is on the B website of Inferno, with one individual at New Box along with the other person at Dark Corner or Emo, in the event the round boils down to a 1vX situation, attempt to ensure that the bomb detonates. Kill the defuser, throw a Molotov on the bomb, just do whatever you have to do. If the round comes down to some 1V1 situation, and you also hear the opponent begin to diffuse, wait 2-3 seconds before peaking. In this way if he was imitation diffusing, you've wasted more of his time, and he might go back to diffusing by the time you summit.

Throwing Grenades

Throwing grenades to assist your teammates is one of the more important elements of playing a supportive role. The grenades you are going to be utilizing, in order of importance, would be the Flash Bang, followed by the Smoke Grenade, and then eventually the Molotov/Incendiary Grenade. You must always reevaluate your grenades in this order: Smoke Grenade, Flash Bang, Molotov/Incendiary, HE Grenade (unless your team is arranging a strategy which needs a specific grenade). There are a few Do's and Dont's of throwing Grenades.


Firstly, the Flash Bang. Your goal with a Flash Bang is to throw it so that your enemies will be blinded by it, but not your teammates. A good instance of this is a Flash on top Banana on Inferno, in which the inviting participant will stand behind Sandbags and bounce off the Flash Bang off of the fence so that it lands just beyond the corner. His teammate at high Banana with him will have his back turned to the corner before the Flash Bang pops, at which he will then turn around and peek down Banana. What you don't want to do using a flash bang is throw it so that it blinds your teammate. If it has the prospect of blinding your teammate, make sure that you tell him where you're throwing the Flash Bang, so that he can turn away from it.


Next is the Smoke Grenade. The two main uses are to block off choke points to get more time on CT Side, or block crossfires on T side. Generally you're going to want to line yourself up with some thing specific to throw the Smoke Grenade on T side, so that you could always land the Smoke in precisely the same spot every time. On CT side, you can usually just block it and toss it towards the middle of the choke point. If you're regularly playing as a support player, you might choose to go to a personal server and make sure you know precisely how to throw all of the useful Smoke Grenades, so that they land perfectly each time. If you do not understand how to throw the smoke perfectly, it is usually better for you to just don't throw it at all, since you could leave gaps in the Smoke that enable the enemy team to view through.


Lastly Will Be the Molotov/Incendiary Grenades, as well as the HE Grenade. I am putting both in exactly the same category as they're used in a similar manner. On T side you utilize these two grenades to flush CTs out of powerful positions such as New Box on the B site of Inferno, Back Plateau on the B website of Dust 2, or Bench on the B site of Mirage. There are a few interesting ways to throw them so that they land perfectly, but you can also just throw them towards the planned goal and you're going to find the exact effects.

On CT side, you utilize Molotov/Incendiary Grenades to either deal harm to Ts as they proceed through choke points, or to slow them down. HE Grenades on the flip side are usually utilized in unison with a teammate, to deal fatal or nearly deadly levels of damage to the opponents. On either side HE Grenades may be used if you know an enemy is low on HP, and you wish to finish him off easily.

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