Possessing good aim is one of the key aspects of being a successful Counter-Strike player. Being able to hit your target, irrespective of whether they're strafing or standing still, is a crucial skill that every player needs to master so as to stand a chance at climbing the ranks or, in a more general sense, "becoming gud." Do not worry, there are loads of resources out there that will assist even the most recent players train their aim and start their own trip to stardom.

One of the most popular ways to practice is with a goal map, particularly training_aim_csgo2. You can alter the targets in a variety of ways, such as color or space, and can pick from each and every weapon readily available in CS:GO.




For those desiring more assisted training, Boomeo is potentially the most popular--or at least the most well-advertised--stage. Apart from that, they also feature distinct training game modes such as duels, which are essentially 1v1s on actual maps, retakes, and standard deathmatch. The only disadvantage is that most of the expert guides are for premium users. You do get a two day free trial upon enrolling, so be sure that you try the service out before committing.

Aside from Boomeo, there are a few less popular options I found when researching this topic. Which runs you through a number of flash animations meant to train your goal, reflex and speed. While this does not only revolve around CS:GO, it can still help you with goal and reflex, two things that are vitally important in any first person shooter. If you're not able to boot up CS:GO but want to work on your fundamentals, sites like this are an acceptable alternative.

Another choice is a site called CSGO-Tutorial. com. This is the most barebones of the three. You do not get servers, videos, or flash cartoons. Whatever you get is a training schedule. The schedule outlines how much you should practice per day with different weapons and modes such as raw goal training, recoil training, smoke instruction, and deathmatch over a 50 day period. Apparently, this was a paid service but is currently free. Now, if this is a good thing or not...well, I will let you be the judge of that.

Whether or not these services work is a really subjective answer. Personally, I believe nothing beats experience with actually playing the sport, but I could see why something like Boomeo might help new players.

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