Grenade use is a skill that requires some time to master at Counter-Strike, and it is going to enhance your total impact if you understand how to use flashbangs correctly.

A "pop-flash" is most often used at higher-level play. In other words, the flash explodes inside a split second of it being seen by the enemy. This can be particularly effective to blind enemies around corners if thrown absolutely. To achieve this, throw or dip the flashbang out of a longer space due to the short fuse time.

In a small $200 price, the flashbang is one of the very best grenades at CS:GO. To make the most of your money, it's beneficial for yourself and your team if you understand how to use the grenade properly and efficiently. If you do not, then you end up wasting $200 to $400 per round, which can eventually build up and damage your team market when you are organizing purchase rounds. "Pop-flashing" is the best method to make efficient use of your grenade money.

A pop-flash is an example in which a player throws a flashbang well enough to fully blind an enemy, preventing that enemy from reacting so they can look away in time. When someone looks away from the flash, it renders the flashbang essentially useless because the "blind-time" is considerably diminished. So ideally, you need to best your pitching ability to reduce enemy response time and to optimize enemy blind-time.




There are typically two types of pop-flashes: people that are silent and the ones that make noise cues. Those that are quiet typically aren't bounced off of a surface. If a pop-flash makes a sound-cue, it can give someone enough time to look away. Based on your distance from an enemy, sound cue pop-flashes are usually less powerful than silent pop-flashes. This makes silent pop-flashes the best method to blind enemies.

In addition, it's possible to either pop-flash for yourself or for a teammate. When pop-flashing to get a teammate, you'll need to gauge and calculate the distance where it'll pop up. Additionally, it is a good idea to call out your flash for your teammate and/or ask them if they want to be flashed in the first place--that way they may look in the correct direction opposite in the flash so they do not get blinded. This is a perfect example of teamwork done right.

Popflashing is probably the most efficient way to use a flashbang. While the expression is used to describe a method of throwing a flash which pops as it goes around a corner, providing opponent no time to turn away from it, here we're looking at using this method to get into potentially dangerous area on the map. Popflash may be used to glimpse corner as a CT to catch information and/or kill unsuspecting terrorist. Or you may popflash round corner to advance towards website as a T, making the CTs either attempt to drop back towards the site, giving up the angle that they held; Take cover until they can see again, just so they could catch you off guard by remaining there or repeeking; or else they continue to maintain a angle going for blind shots.

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