When we talk gaming strategy, there are quite a few factors we have to consider -- the purpose of the round(s), the opponents' moving patterns, the abilities of our teammates, the weapons we can afford to purchase and so on. Frequently, we find ourselves reduced on health. Usually this would happen in the middle of the round or when we're lucky at the very end.

Whatever the case is, very low health calls for a shift in our strategy to the game. In this article I will present a seasoned participant's viewpoint on redesigning our game once we are low on health. Different players, with various abilities and experience will have a different approach to this matter, so don't hesitate to talk about your own low health tactics in the remarks section below. Let's get started!




Don't Give Up!

This is definitely the most significant thing and it has to come first. Being low on health does not necessarily indicate that you can not keep scoring or that you're useless to your team. The first thing you want to see is that at this point you have to be more careful, avoid taking unnecessary risks and alter your strategy to be able to get the most out of what you have left. Keep in mind that your opponent has to do hardly any damage to you until he prevails, so you have to exploit any chance to gain advantage.

Frequently I have come across players who, honestly, do not think that they can still carry out a nice round. If you are convinced that you're as good as dead then you really are! Players who think that are more or less finished will typically do something intense like hurry against the opposite team by themselves, go straight for their base searching for a final lucky kill or simply completely shed orientation and get killed due to lack of concentration.

Do not lose your common sense and do not soften up. There are still lots of opportunities for kills and you will need to locate them or create them yourselves. Playing when you're low on health certainly challenges your abilities, but much more so, it disturbs your psychological stability and endurance.

Stay Away From Battles That Require Full Health

You can't afford to share in every activity developing on the map. If there's a crowded exchange of fire it may be better to stick out of it. Where there is a group of gamers, there will also be series of grenades flying towards them, looking to finish someone. Getting in the middle of a battle like that, will most probably cost you your own life. It is much better to hold back and watch the action as it unfolds.

If you find an opportunity for a kill -- grab it. If you spot an enemy player working out for his life -- try to put him asleep. If your teammates are dropping -- you better get out from there, since you won't be able to fight back the advancing enemy survivors. Whatever the circumstance, attempt to stay out of areas that are being constantly sprayed on with bullets. A wounded animal will not strike a bunch of predators. Instead it will search for ways to survive and outplay, and outsmart them.

Look For Advantages

Being low on health is a disadvantage itself, which means you need to find a means to compensate for that. If you have the appropriate weapon, then fight from a larger distance. If you understand a great hideout -- utilize it, but don't neglect to move and change your position. If you're able to surprise your enemy and take their life, do it, but do not put yourself in dead-end scenarios.

If you know that someone is coming, you will already have an advantage and furthermore, you get options. You can either go for the kill and try to surprise them, or if the circumstances call for it -- run for your life. When you are low on health you can not afford to constantly advance against the enemy team, therefore discover the equilibrium between holding and attacking back, rushing in on or chasing, and remaining insured.

Beginners typically adopt one of two kinds of gaming. They will either hurry on their own, searching for action, or they will remain behind and look for cover. Whenever you're low on health, your actions should be leaning towards the second alternative. Don't lead the attack, constantly go from one cover to the next with minimal exposure. Whenever you decide to engage in a conflict, attempt to surprise the enemy and catch them unprepared or search for different advantages.

Final Words

There are just two things I would also like to indicate to not do. The two of them are fairly famous and if you spend enough time on the servers, then you'd probably get a opportunity to witness them.

DO NOT pull out your knife and chase the enemy from behind. If you are the sort of player who takes pride in killing other players from behind, using your knife, then at least try to not do it when you're low on health. It's way too risky and it is not worth it.

DO NOT kill yourself by simply throwing a grenade against a wallsocket. If you feel that there's not any way you can make something out of the around, at least go ahead and find an enemy to face. Die like a man (or girl)! Do it with dignity.

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