CS: GO is a team game. While it offers different modes for several players, but the focus is obviously on the 5on5 Competitive Mode. We therefore want to provide all those that aren't yet very knowledgeable about the game a few tips & tricks and tips for competition-oriented games on the way with this Competitive Guide.

In online matchmaking and in leagues and tournaments, you play CS: GO 5 against 5 Classic Competitive mode. It is much deeper and more complex than one might think. For newer players who have a chance to keep up in matchmaking and their role in the group, we would like to give and reveal what's important in team play and tips with this guide.


Communication among team members is the alpha and omega in CS: GO! Therefore necessarily Leverages the incorporated voice role or with friends and family together an outside voice program. You never know exactly what your competitor is up to and therefore needs to communicate whenever possible and be able to respond.

Planning Approach

If one plays as a terrorist, one has, thanks to the Freeze Time at around start a couple of seconds. These should be used to determine at what place that you want to bomb and V. A. because there executed reached (fast / slow, which route). It's necessary that all players may also adhere to the procedure and not a step from line, which could quickly lead to conquer. If you wait patiently, you allow the opponents too much time and leeway to react.

Hold Positions




CT ought to be set at the very beginning of the game who takes what place. The positions are the whole match left over as to have a very clear structure rather than having to reschedule each round what it might cost too much time. You can sometimes swap places with consultation of the players which may help sometimes.

Additionally it is important that one always stays defensively than CT. Nevertheless, there are always players who simply whirlwind, and the opponents operate targeted. So you hurt the entire group, so that must be completely prohibited.

In case you have managed to turn off the bomb carrier, so that the bomb is determined by the ground, then might well be departing the actual position because logically guarding the bomb gets a greater priority. Without Bomb It brings the terrorists also not take a bomb distance.

Leaving his place, then the rule of thumb is that you need to use possible way only, which is probably free of enemies. By way of example, if the terrorists have taken a bomb location, but were seen only three of these, which means yes, this two could still walk round or lurking someplace.

Switch Positions

We have just learned that you should keep as CT's place. But exceptions prove the rule, and also that's the case. If things are not going so well, because as is always overrun by the enemy, then I'd even urgently advise to modify something about the positioning.

Option 1: One imagines the bomb set to another place, needless to say, first brings the advantage that the opponents there may also alter the game flow to positive in other rounds.

Choice 2: You just exchanged with another player positions. Perhaps one is indeed the other bomb space more. Such a position exchange frequently takes longer than you may at first thin.

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