With this particular small FAQ, we'd prefer to answer a couple of issues frequently expected by CS GO participants. Here you will find a list of CS that is valuable: GO crosshair commands.

Crosshair is off, what now?

Then you certainly have probably made an unwelcome perspective that's caused this effect, if the crosshairs disappears at once. Possible causes will be the directions cl_crosshairalpha, cl_crosshairsize. This is the commands' prices somewhat bigger factors, then a crosshair ought to be obvious again.

It should be observed: in-all sniper guns (AWP, SSG 08 / look, G3SG1, SCAR-20) features a crosshair merely in focus mode! Then this will not be shown if you contain even the bomb at hand or the knife if one uses among the standard Crosshairs.

How to Recover the Normal Crosshairs

If you have the Classic Crosshair accidentally defaced and want to reset it again, then you will find the default values:

cl_crosshairsize 5

cl_crosshairthickness 0.5

cl_crosshairgap 1

cl_crosshairdot 0

cl_crosshairusealpha 1

cl_crosshairalpha 200

What is the Best Color for the Crosshairs?

Everyone should choose the preferred color itself. Some like purple or pink, because these colors are visible on almost all surfaces.



Where Can I Find Crosshairs Settings of Professional Players?

Their controls are written by many skilled people within the details of their Twitch route or submit them on the Facebook site. Nevertheless it is in fact more useful to find the right configurations yourself than to repeat the adjustments of other.

How to Make the Crosshair a Point

One must choose one of the Classic Crosshairs. Then you can simply use the following console commands:

cl_crosshairdot 1

cl_crosshairsize -1

With cl_crosshairthickness (default value 0.5), you can still control the size of the point.

How to Make the Crosshair a Circle

This can be feasible quite exclusively and so simply to a certain degree. You've to improve some options. Two different alternatives with which you get a group crosshairs are presented to you now by us.

In the first variant, the cross goes as usual in movement and when shooting apart:

cl_crosshairstyle 2

cl_crosshairdot 0

cl_crosshairgap -8

cl_crosshairsize 1

cl_crosshairthickness 2

cl_crosshair_drawoutline 0

In the second variant, it contracts when moving and when shooting:

cl_crosshairstyle 2

cl_crosshairdot 0

cl_crosshairgap -20

cl_crosshairsize 1

cl_crosshairthickness 2.5

cl_crosshair_drawoutline 0

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