The most iconic map in Counter-Strike is making a comeback, and it's coming much sooner than expected.

Valve announced on Twitter earlier today that an updated and revamped version of Dust II has been debuted within another CS:GO beta depot. The time period of this beta drop is still unclear, but it is very likely that it might arrive in the coming months. The last game update was Oct. 5, that consisted of little, additional changes to this molotov-smoke bug fix.

Players knowledgeable about the material Valve releases frequently joke that the developer doesn't count to three.

Valve made the statement via a tweet. According to the published information, the upgraded version will debut in another CS: GO beta depot. In the time of writing, Valve hasn't specified a time-frame, but expectations are it will arrive in the upcoming few weeks. The most recent CS: GO upgrade rolled out last week (October 5) however it did not bring any significant alterations.



The tweet Valve published provides a snazzy look at the upcoming rework. The map preview adopts new map textures, a color change to the skybox in addition to green palm trees, blue tent sits, and a painting of dusty concrete buildings.

Dust 2 has been from CS: GO's Active Duty Turning since February. The prolonged lack of a few of the most famous maps made players speculate that very similar to Nuke and Inferno, Dust 2 might be revamped before making a comeback.

To keep the map upgrading cycle, Valve will get rid of another map when Dust 2 returns to aggressive play. Until then, players can take pleasure in the current version of Dust 2.

Counter-Strike fans can now rejoice, as a refined version of the most iconic map at the game's history has been released now.

Dust II, that was eliminated from Active Duty aggressive play in February, has obtained its long-awaited revamp in a beta depot of CS:GO. Since it had been eliminated in favor of this revamped version of Inferno, the dusty battleground sat at the Reserves map pool--aging like fine wine--since Valve completed its makeover. The game programmer wanted to improve player readability, movement, and graphics by "buffing off the jagged edges"--thus essentially a entire texture overhaul. Additionally, Valve upgraded the Terrorist player models to give them a more rugged appearance.

To play the newest Dust II, you have to opt into the beta depot, which will be a version of this game which is not available in the public version of CS:GO. All you need to do is to open your library from your Steam client, right click on CS:GO, select properties, click on the Betas tab, and choose the beta from the drop down box. Once you restart your Steam client, you are able to check the beta version of the map for yourself.

To continue the map upgrading cycle, Valve will remove a different map when Dust 2 returns to aggressive play. Until then, players may take pleasure in the present model of Dust 2. Dust 2 may bring more pleasure for csgo players when it comes to use. There are also more pleasure you can get through the process in csgo playing - gaining more csgo weapon skins. Need more csgo weapon skins at