The grenade plays an essential role in CS: GO. Fortunately, it's been integrated into the match with the "Grenade Trajectory", a useful feature that allows gamers to plan the strategic use of grenades and better to exercise throwing. Here's a manual on the usage of feature and on the settings.

The requirement is that you have the console enabled. The console command to show the trajectory is a server variable. You've got the entire thing either offline or play on its own server.


View Grenade Trajectory

To enable the feature, you have the following two commands in the console:

sv_cheats 1

sv_grenade_trajectory 1

If one now throws a grenade, you get displayed a green line, which you can follow to see how exactly the grenade flew and where it is bounced.

Dashed Line

You can also view a dashed line instead of a solid. To this are simply "sv_grenade_trajectory_dash 1" into the console.

Adjust Strength

It can change the line thickness. That's where the command "sv_grenade_trajectory_thickness", the default value is 0.2. We accept values from 0.1 to 1.

Change Duration

There is also with "sv_grenade_trajectory_time" even a command to change the duration. If you want to decrease the display time, you can enter here an appropriate value in seconds.

Procure Grenades

Since you have activated anyway Cheats for Grenade Trajectory needs, you can also be the same type with the following commands a grenade of each type:

give weapon_molotov

give weapon_incgrenade

give weapon_decoy

give weapon_flashbang

give weapon_hegrenade

give weapon_smokegrenade

And so you do not have to type each of these commands, you can use the cheat for infinite ammunition:

sv_infinite_ammo 1


A small tip even at the end: If you throw grenades over rooftops and longer distances, you can simply "noclip" into the console so as to fly via the Map may. Are you the control again one, the cheat will be deactivated.

Grenade Config

Incidentally, there is also the possibility to write a little config, together with the all important commands are executed. This one opens afterward with a very simple text editor. There are the commands that are needed to be implemented.

This example is composed of 2 identical configs. The first raises the lap time in all game modes on 60 minutes. The second config gives then the grenades and performs other configurations.

If you have CS: GO begins and also a map loaded, you merely need to start the console and type "exec time" and "exec grenades" (in this sequence). And off you go!

Note that this sample config specifies the control "noclip" from the H button. If you've got it already another function set, then it will be overwritten. In cases like this, you can instead of "h" just specify another key, which isn't yet occupied.

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