In CSGO, several people have been dogged by a Footstep sounds insect. If the adversary is dormant footstep sounds aren't networked to your client. This generally implies that you will not hear actions if they're behind an impenetrable wall.

Ever notice footstep sounds are not as trusted as they used to be? Awhile back, Valve implemented a bandwidth optimization when the server does not system people that aren't within your PVS (Probably visible set). Solutions once you should really be ready to hear an opponent's footsteps, but you'll not hear them since the participant is dormant.

Here is a video showing the problem:



This is bad for competitive gameplay where hearing footsteps is crucial.
Let's see what did other players say on the Reddit post:

We are fairly certain after testing a few maps that it effects you less then you think.
nuke ramp room is just a very special in that it is very noticeable there while on other maps not so much.
at least the few spots i tried
train at ivy it doesn't happen
cache b (and t in front of B running towards the site) doesn't happen
dust 2 short stairs with bot at catwalk mid does happen but not as severe as on the ramp example.
EDIT: inferno me top banana bot at speedway and it doesn't happen
nuke ramp it happens but oddly enough the players wont be dormant when he jumps so you can hear him jumping even when you cant hear him run lol
edit2: what i did to test.
1. offline server with 1 bot (bot_stop 1; bot_don't_shoot 1; sv_Cheats 1)
2. to see if the bot is dormant use r_drawothermodels 2 (not 100% sure if that is reliable or accurate tho but it somewhat lines up with the nuke findings)
3. put volume to MAX (rip ears) if needed use stopsound in console to stop ambient noise
4. put the bot in a location you want to test (bot_place)
5. go in the spot you want to test from
6. put in bot_mimic -1 and start moving around (you will be stuck into place for the test to move again bot_mimic 0)
7. if you don't hear steps def. make sure that the bot doesn't get stuck somewhere

Since we're on the topic of footsteps, I'm going to mention this.

Setting up an example, let's imagine also you are moving T slam to flank him and we are on the guide Mirage and the last man living is in palace. As a way to rate issues up, you could let go of switch for half a second and maintain move again so that you don't create any noise but go faster. Nevertheless, I'm pretty specific that the foe will have the ability to hear the second to actions you let go of transfer, for each and each time you are doing that.

Essentially on your own display no audio is made by you but on his display he will hear footsteps. The inconsistency is not great.

While obtaining a place, VVIS develops a PVS (Probably visible set) as well as a PAS (Perhaps clear set). Probably the latter in combination with the former needs to do with this bug, therefore why it works if you push -send participants.

As we know, the CSGO Footstep sounds bug has been appeared for a long time, but still haven't gotten fixed. So players are doubting this is a real bug or just a original design of the game. How do you think? Want to have cheap csgo skins, come to to get unique ones and csgo guides and latest news.