If you're knowledgeable about First Person Shooter games like CSGO you most likely already understand the term FPS. Apart from being the acronym to "First Person Shooter" it also means "frames per second", which is probably the most crucial index to know whether your PC is reproducing your game using fluidity or not.

A frame is a still picture along with the fps rate indicates how many different pictures per second you will be able to see. The more fps you've got the more fluid your game is going to be, so having a good fps speed is indispensable to perform CSGO in the maximum level. If your PC is not really great that does not imply that you can not be able to achieve a greater rank or ability level, that only means that you likely might have to learn how to play under bad circumstances. However having a good fps rate can help you a lot tracking enemies that are shifting, see smaller details like shadows, smoke, and other important characteristics from the game.

In this tutorial we're going to share with you some tips that could help you to get more FPS (and sometimes a lot), so you can play with CSGO the best that you can.



Improve FPS with Launch Options

Make all your graphical adjustments with the knowledge that CS:GO is a CPU-limited game in general. There's no holy grail console or config control that may dramatically improve your FPS, but there are a few slight tweaks we can make.

Drop all of your in game graphics settings to low, disable anti-aliasing, empower multi-core making

Add these launching choices to your launch parameters in Steam (see screenshot above):

These commands disable the intro, enable the console, place the process affinity to high, and grant your cores to CS:GO, even though technically Source can simply use 3 threads. Some players add the -processheap parameter thinking it will grant better fps, but since this replacements Windows memory management for Valve's own code it is highly recommend to eliminate it.

The following step entails modifying CS:GO's config file. It is a bit more complex, but enables us to create some really useful tweaks.

Update your drivers

Updating your drivers is even more significant than the standard CSGO settings. Always make certain that you've got the latest drivers for your graphic card, processor and even your soundcard. Having outdated drivers may have a large impact in your game, in almost all facets, however the FPS speed is actually affected in most cases.

PC Cleaning and Thermal Paste Replacing

The last phase of performance optimization is cleansing your PC from dust and substituting thermal adhesive (if needed). This will cool down the temperature of elements and also make an operation more secure. Lower temperature might help eliminate some FPS drops.

That's our guide for you to get more FPS in CSGO or to improve your FPS in CSGO. Hope you can learn some tactics through this guide. And we believe this is just part of the csgo tips since there are much more aspects in the game that we can not touch into in this article, like ways in getting csgo weapon skins. Although we don't give you guides on getting csgo skins in this article, we have cheap csgo skins for sale.