Over the course of this year, the PUBG has started to become the biggest game on steam, even to the throne upon the a game that has attracted the attention of the valve, because developers behind CS:GO attack seems to be working on their own living style battle royal model by data mining, the last ten CS:GO patch has been found for this include the beacon spawn points, composite bow, even reference fist fight, this is something Nev ER in the counter-offensive due to the latest news network video said valve, there are a lot of survival in these update file reference.

When you watch the 20 million sets of pubg on PC or its recent Xbox One rush to sell, it should be the title of the other FPS and TPS, wants to make of his own battle royale mode surprise, the latest games will join FortNite and H1Z1 title is spot, like the best game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.




According to a recent valve news video there are a lot of CS: go to patch, some date pubg release, seems to be the reference of popular PVP titles not survival mode weapons like composite bows and arrows as well as the breakthrough ability, and some in the patch beacon, seem to point to PUBG style game mode is a real chance.

Other files point to adrenaline shots, sonar pulses and MK2 grenades. Many of these references paint the picture of a battle royale survival mode, as it is consistent with other games in the genre. These files first started appearing last year, so it is something that Valve has been mulling over for a while it seems.

Other documents to the adrenaline shot sonar pulse and MK2 grenades Many of these references are described the battle royal survival mode picture, because it is consistent with other types of games The last year, ESE file for the first time, therefore, it seems to be a valve for a period of time is set to turn over a period of time.

Video in an important note is that now there is the cape of sound files can be found, this means that there may be a role into full play, can play a map of floating around the headquarters of the valve.

However, remains to be seen whether this will bring any results that may only be valve test new ideas, may not see the light of day.

If the CS: GO has its own battle royal work mode, don't look like a brave man. Especially when you consider the Fortnite Battle Royale success has integrated the characteristics of such characteristics of the problem now is that the problem is when the CS: GO players even want.

Until now we have not get a assured inform that CSGO will certainly use this Battle Royale Mode but we still should be ready for its new mode with prepare more CSGO weapon skins and more practice beforehand.