Together with the Dust 2 map likely to come back, we are taking a look at a potential shifting of the balances in CS:GO. That is why bans and picks are so important in the initial phases of a match. Matches are often won or lost based on which channels are chosen or banned by each team.

The equilibrium will further be changed by the fact that a few map will probably will sacrificed so that Dust 2 can take its place. Whichever teams focus in the map that's forfeited will suffer with this. Cache is the map perhaps most likely to be prohibited, in our opinion. This is because it is the map that is most of prohibited in championship play. It can possibly be the cheapest map this season. Because of this, it is very likely that Valve will opt to provide it a makeover, as they have done for Dust 2, attempting to boost the tactical opportunities and approaches possible in the map. Cobblestone is another map that is a candidate for replacement. This another map that is frequently banned, and even expert teams often avoid playing it. So let us see which groups are likely to profit from the return of Dust 2.




Astralis on Dust 2

Astralis is team May 2 returns from dust on a large scale, because many people may forget that the original dust has 2 in this map, and W hirsch group for its official CS pool from you delete the affected: go to the map This is a team into a coordinated strategy and tactics, is most likely to benefit from the OM team benefit from the valve has been introduced to the new dust 2 is the embodiment of the tactical astralis success in the less and less, because the original dust 2 has been removed, so we can be good, let's take a look, when the local figure, this group has a dominant position.

Teams that Dust 2 will affect negatively proved fairly incompetent (if that term could truly be implemented to some professional team) even about the old infantry 2, while North also had unlimited difficulty, in addition to small experience, together with the map. So both teams are most likely to endure if this map comes back, even at a brand new avatar, particularly as they'll most likely have to sacrifice a map that they are comfortable and familiar with for this.

Whatever happens, the coming of soapy 2 will shake things up. Teams which are in the summit of the CS:GO growing and world complacent will be booted and have to get down to instruction in the new map. Meanwhile, the underdog teams are going to get once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to establish a beach head in the higher echelons of the CS:GO world by mastering the map prior to higher-ranked teams can, subsequently beating those high ranked teams onto it. Regardless of the outcomes of this map returning, it is bound to attract a good deal of interesting plays and excitement to the lives of CS:GO fans and commentators alike.

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