Using a pistol in your hand you may spawn at the start of game. Depending on if you're CT (CounterTerrorist) or T (Terrorist) you are going to spawn with either USP-S/P2000 or Glock-18. Perhaps you are wondering why the CT side has 2 pistols to pick from. That's simply the way it is. Both of them are on the 1st pistol slot and you've got the choice of selecting which on you intend to utilize.

As you can observe, the differences between USP-S P2000 and are slim. USP-S only has 36 bullets in 3 magazines and P2000 has a lot more ammo. Beginning CTs pistols deal more damage and tend to be more exact than the one on the T side (Glock18). It is possible to kill your foe with USP S/P2000 from a greater space with only 1 bullet in the head. Whereas Glock-18 is not so powerful so you have to get closer for your enemies in order to kill them with 1 bullet.


Lets talk about the pistol loadout now. We will start with the CT side.


USP-S is a powerful pistol, particularly in that first round. Conserve your ammo and you will have to be truly accurate as it's small quantity of ammo. That is one of those pistols that need plenty of training to master.


P2000 is also deadly accurate from a larger space. It has a significant amount of ammo, so you don't need to worry about running out of it. It's a great starting pistol that definitely provides you an edge against terrorist.


P250 contemplating it costs $300, it's a worthy upgrade over your pistol that is starting. It deals more damage as it has greater armor penetration, but it has a firing range that is less exact. P250 is a good alternative when you wish to save up money during eco rounds.


CZ75-Auto is a goto pistol during eco rounds and force buys for professional players around the globe. It's a little magazine, and firing speed that is extremely rapid. With that in your mind, it is possible to be out of ammo extremely quickly. CZs recommended use is in close combat. CZ75 uses exactly the same time slot as Five SeveN. Five SeveN has a substantially greater magazine than CZ75-Auto. It is excellent for close combat and not too accurate on a long range battle. Five SeveN deals a lot of damage in close range battles and I recommend it to beginners over CZ.

Desert Eagle

Desert Eagle is also known as the hand cannon. It is highly precise but difficult to master. Just 1 bullet in the head is necessary to kill a fully armored enemy. It is the most high-priced pistol you can find for players which are just starting with the game in not a recommended investment and the very first round.

Dual Berettas

Dual Berettas are quite rarely used in matchmaking and professional games. They are exceptionally erroneous but have lots of ammo. Recommended use for Berettas is during matches that are casual.

R8 Revolver

R8 Revolver was introduced during a 2015 winter update. It was extremely powerful and highly imbalanced. Since then it's been upgraded and isn't commonly used. R8 delivers a powerful and highly precise round at the expense of a long gun trigger- pull. It uses the same slot as the Desert Eagle, so you will need to pick ahead of the sport between the two.

These pistols are all which are on the Counter-Terrorist side. It is important to notice that before the game put the pistols you want to use in your loadout and you will have to go into the inventory. It is not possible to, for example, switch between a Five SeveN and CZ72 Auto mid game.

Terrorists also have access to Dual Berettas, Desert Eagle/R8 Revolver, CZ72-Auto and P250. So now we'll go through the rest of the T side of the pistols.


Glock18 is just good in close fight. When using it, never go for body shots. It has a lot of ammunition but deals a little bit of damage. You must practice on deathmatch servers to aim for the head.


Tec-9 is a deadly in close combat, but highly incorrect on long range. This is a perfect investment when you‘re saving money up and racing a website. This concludes the chapter on pistols. We‘ve gone through them all and now you realize the differences between each pistol. Each pistol is different, as stated. You should always assess your and your teams cash scenario before purchasing a pistol. Buy should be noted by you if you‘’re low on cash.

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