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Orders information

To know the orders status, please:

Track orders
.How do I place an order?

Place an order on this site is easy and quick. Please just as the following steps:

  • • choose item
  • • Add to Shopping Cart
  • • Fill in personal details
  • • Choose payment method
  • • Checkout,place order now.
.How to find the order number?

When your confirm ,check out your order,you will receive the email,The email told you that you have paid successful. You can find order number which begin with ?game? In this email

.Why do you need verification before delivering orders?

We call new customers paying with card or PayPal to protect ourselves from fraudulent payments. Identity theft and credit card fraud can easily bring an e-commerce website to its knees if kept unchecked. We only call returning customers when somebody other than the recipient is paying for the order. In addition to phone verification we may on occasion require proof of identity and source of funds. (like send photo ID, identity card , driver license or passport in your hands and take a photo with yourself together, we need to see your name and face .)

.Which payment methods are available?

At rpgah you can choose between a whole lot of different payment methods.

Please find the detailed listing here.

.What is PayPal and how does it work?

Paypal is an online payment system that facilitates the transfer of money from one bank account to another. After signing up for an account at paypal website and proceeding through their easy verification process, you may send money to your Paypal account from your bank account and begin to use to make purchases online from websites. Paypal is one of the most widely accepted electronic payment services used today to reliably, instantly and safely move money between accounts worldwide. If you pay your order successfully, you will receive an email from paypal, check this email, you will find your order info, invoice id, payment email and so on. Plz remember your invoice id and payment email.

.Why my credit card declined?

To protect your security and privacy, bank cannot provide us with information about why your payment was declined. Because of this, you most likely need to contact your bank directly to solve payment issues.

Here are some steps you can take to resolve payment errors:
  • 1. Verify that you entered your payment information correctly during your order.
  • 2. Make sure you have funds available in your bank or card to cover the order cost, take into account the payment processing fees and currency conversion rate maybe lower than you thought. You may try to place a smaller order to isolate the problem.
  • 3. Change the payment method and try again, for example if you have tried to pay with Skrill you could try again with Paypal Please note that you don't need a Paypal/Skrill account to pay, you can pay directly with your card by clicking Paypal/Skrill option and enter your card details there. In general Paypal accepts more card types comparing to Skrill.
  • 4. Contact your bank or credit card company. Your bank may flag any unexpected activity on your account. This includes first-time orders and high-value purchases, regardless of the amount of funds available or credit limit. Your bank may require your verbal authorization to proceed with a transaction.

If you are still unable to resolve the issue, please contact us on live chat for more assistance.

.Do you accept e-checks?

Yes! In fact, PayPal e-checks are a more secure form of payment and generally put sellers at greater ease when selling to buyers. Please note however, PayPal e-checks take around 3-7 days to clear and as such, you should take into account the added length of time it will take for this order to process. If you decide to do e-Check please let the seller know, so that they have appropriate expectations as to when their payment will be cleared.

.How can I make a bank payment through PayPal?

To make a bank payment to our site through PayPal, you will need:

  • A PayPal account
  • A credit card registered to your PayPal account
  • A confirmed bank account registered to your PayPal account
  • A back-up funding source for your PayPal account

Please note that these are PayPal's requirements, and not ours. If one or more of the requirements above is not fulfilled, a bank payment through PayPal is not possible.

.My credit card is not in USD; Can I still pay?

Yes, your credit card payment can be made through PayPal. Your credit card company or bank will determine the currency exchange rate and will apply it for your payment.

.Can I get my refund through a different payment method or account?

No. For security purposes, any refunds processed will be sent using the original payment method, and to the original account the payment was from. This step helps to ensure that it is safe for you and your fellow players.

.If I receive a refund, how long will it take?

Since we apply refund from your payment method company. It will need 1-3 working days to deal the refund by bank system. please wait patiently.

.My payment is voided, have I paid you or not?

No. If the payment is voided, that means the transaction is refused and reversed before settled. No money will be charged. For some debit credit card account, this fund might be charged automatically after you placed order and be released later.

.How long does it take to deliver my Game Currency?

We deliver the skins as fast as humanly possible! Our average delivery times is between 10-30 minutes! The delivery time will never be later than 24 hours!

.What are the possible reasons for delay?

A delay in shipping can be due to various reasons:

  • 1). Technical errors like internet down-time
  • 2). Your E-check payment hasn't been cleared yet. It can take up to a 4-7 business day for the funds to be cleared. Delivery will be made after payment has cleared.
  • 3). Insufficient or wrong information is provided. For example, you did not include your in-game character name or you gave the wrong name or wrong server. Delivery can only be made until the right information is given.
.Are there shipping and handling costs?

No, there are neither shipping nor handling costs.

All products at rpgah are virtual goods which are sent via email or passed in game.


Why so expensive?

Our quality is the same with the official site .We also provide the high quality items with lower price .And you can also compare our site to other sites ,then you will know how superior we are .we can guarantee the fast delivery, simple place order ,please don't worry about it we have many thousands deals everyday.

.Where is the company?

We are located in Hong Kong.

.Is safe to buy skins and items?

Absolute Security! we have dealt orders with thousands of happy customers. You can feel free to buy your skins and items from our site.

.How do I know you're legit?

This is the most frequently asked question. Understandably so. Our is a professionally run business working throughout the week, we do not cut corners. For confirmation from our happy customers who have previously bought from us you can check out their genuine feedback by clicking on our Feefo tab in the bottom left hand corner of your screen. As for payment protection, we use the most secured 2048-bit secured SSL encryption which means none of your payment details can be intercepted or decrypted.

.Is there Any discount for Big orders?

Of course, We have discount code for big order and our loyal customers. You can use the code when you place your order at our website. If you want the discount code, you can tell us on our Facebook page or email us, we will tell you how to get the discount code.

.How to use coupon codes?

When you place an order, go to checkout page ,you can input the code and click 'apply coupon' button to check if the code is available. Be sure the coupon codes only used in in-game currencies orders.

Once the code is available, the shopping cart will update with the extra free gold, or the orders bill.