When there isn't an Operation going on, the roster of hot CS:GO maps is rather small. However, when a brand new Operation starts, players have access to some other selection of maps. The allure of new maps appears to fade fast, and more frequently than not, these maps become eliminated at the end of the Operation and are not heard from again. As for me, I believe these maps could easily become community favorites, but only if more people put in the energy and learned how to play with them.

The Basics Learning a New CS:GO Map

When playing a brand new map for the first time, you should first become acquainted with in which the bomb sites and spawns are. This way, you can easily work out how to browse the map on either side, and find a sense of where the major chokepoints are.

Next, you want to find all the nooks and crannies which you and your competitors might have the ability to hide in.

Keep a look out for corners where well-timed surprise attacks could come from, and make certain that you're alert to any sneaky hiding areas on the two bombsites.

Figuring out the default option AWPing spots is vital. You want to be sure you're able to take advantage of these for yourself, but it is just as important to be aware of the angles where you run the risk of being subjected to an enemy sniper.

Simple Strats and Teamwork

Now that you are familiar with the map's design, you will want to create a few plans for it. These strats will most probably be used when you have got five friends to play with, as it is far more difficult to rely on individuals in matchmaking to execute a strat successfully. You would like to make strategies that give everyone something to do, since this is an important part of promoting team play and ensuring nobody gets left out.




If players followed these steps and were eager to offer new CS:GO maps an honest try, we might end up with more maps added to the Active Duty rotation. More maps means more variety, and gives players an opportunity to enjoy the sport in a new way.

Next time you're wanting to try a new CS:GO map along with your friends, follow this manual. Who knows, you might find your new favorite map from the process.

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