Daybreak Studios' long running conflict royal title H1Z1 (formally H1Z1: Only Survive) obtained a major upgrade late last week which adds a brand-new combat focused map called Combat Zone, fresh daily challenges and a whole lot of miscellaneous bug fixes / quality of life improvements that may help players climb the ranks and become the last one standing.

Combat Zone differs in the normal wide open woods area map in several of ways: first and foremost there's no parachuting into place. Instead all players begin already on the floor with a full loadout of gear, so there's no longer racing to locate a shotgun, pistol or rusty work. Combat Zone also has a smaller size using a reduced player count of 56.


Daily Challenges

Add a Daily Challenge platform to the game which primarily rewards Skulls. You'll be given three Challenges daily; one simple, 1 medium, and one hard (harder Challenges reward more Skulls). You will have the ability to discard 1 Challenge per day and receive a replacement. Challenges don't necessarily need to be done in a single match and won't be substituted until you finish or drop them.

Features three different Everyday challenges ranging in difficulty: easy, Moderate and hard

Players earn Skulls by completing Daily Challenges, which May be used to Buy in-game H1Z1 KOTK skins

Daily Challenges are Not just limited to one match and can be completed over a series of games at Daily

In terms of the Daily Challenges, these are constructed to encourage "bragging right opportunities" wherever finishing in-game objectives contributes to rewards. Daybreak notes that every day brings three levels of difficulty to battles, and that players can earn Skulls as a currency to buy items such as H1Z1 KOTK skins or h1z1 js skins.

"Daily Challenges aren’t just limited to one match and can be completed over a series of games in a day," says the developer.

Combat Zone

Introduces a brand new map using respawn mechanics giving gamers non-stop action and a place to warm up or enhance their skills.

Comes with a Fresh 2x2 km map Using new locations, including a shooting range

No parachuting in; Gamers start Completely equipped to get into Conflicts Instantly

Allows for Immediate respawn after death

Talking to the new Combat Zone, it is intended to provide players "non-stop action" and a practicing floor to hone their skills inside. The new map is 2x2 km in size and includes a shooting variety. The dev points out that most players will not parachute into this map--but that they will start full armed and ready to go in the off. Instant respawns also apply in case of your demise.