While you're in a King of the Kill match, it's significant to remember that you're playing alongside 149 other folks just like yourself. Daybreak has rules and guidelines in position to ensure everyone can share in the enjoyment, and it's key to familiarize yourself with these before you play. There are three important behaviors which aren't born in any way in King of the Kill - abuse, cheating, and teaming.




What Counts as Harassment or Abuse?

Really foul language, harassing other players, disrupting playability, scams, sexual abuse or being a nuisance, impersonating a Daybreak Game titles employee, and abusing the ticketing system are all types of harassment or mistreatment under the King of the Kill Rules of Conduct. You can read the full list her

What Happens to Harassers and Abusers?

Abuse or harassment of others will result in disciplinary actions being taken against your account - this can comprise account suspensions official warnings, or account conclusions depending on the severity of the incident. Multiple suspensions or account termination will bring about the conclusion of Daybreak Games accounts, and terminated and banned accounts will have all properties and possessions removed.

What Counts as Cheating?

Using any third party programs which change King of the Kill gameplay in almost any manner (unless it has been specifically cleared by Daybreak Games) is considered cheating. Do not run any applications that changes the King of the Kill client at all.

What Happens to Cheaters?

Results for cheating can contain account suspension or permanent banishment in the game, removal of match numbers and leaderboard placement, removal of match rewards (including Credits and Skulls), and ineligibility to participate in events, tournaments, and competitions.

What Counts as Teaming?

Teaming is understood to be several players carrying on to play and/or help each other in just about any sort as a group bigger than is intended for the existing match and after that queuing into a match. Which means that working with over one other person in a Couples match working with any quantity of others in a Solo match, and working with over four other people in an Fives match are all considered teaming.

What Happens to Teamers?

Effects for teaming can include account suspension or permanent banishment from the sport, removal of all match statistics and leaderboard placement, removal of match benefits (including Credits and Skulls), and ineligibility to take part in events, tournaments, and competitions.

How Do I Report Abuse, Cheating, or Teaming?

You've got an exceptionally significant role in aiding us take action against players who are breaking our Rules of Conduct. A hyperlink to some video of special incidents may be useful as well, but please don't send attachments that are video.

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