To how laminated shield is located, huge changes have been in the works for H1Z1: King of the Kill. Through Daybreak's latest Test Server area, the developers constrained them to just be accessible in airdrops and have eliminated the map is spawned from by all laminated shield. As a result, airdrops have also acquired a loot table change. They have altered some time it takes to make makeshift shield, though Daybreak remains to collect info.

Along with the armor modifications, Daybreak is currently investigating the unlimited weight screen insect that's affected a significant number of participants.




Armor Changes

Developer comments: After some internal discussions and speaking with the community to people obtain armor, we've chose to create a change. We have eliminated the World is spawned from by all laminated shield. You can find them increase the amount can shed in Fives.

After gathering data on the removal of laminate armor, one of three things will happen according to the developers:

  • The change will improve the consistency of early gameplay and we will keep it.
  • The change will have a negative impact on gameplay and we will add laminated armor spawns back in the world.
  • Or somewhat in between, we may decide to add makeshift armor spawn into the world, so that you could either find it or craft one.

To go along with the changes mentioned above, Daybreak also changed some timings to balance gameplay "around thought and preparation."

  • Shredding a helmet will now only take 1 second, instead of 3.
  • Crafting a makeshift armor is increased from 1 second to 5 seconds.
Airdrop Changes

Airdrops loot tables have also been modified to fit the changes stated above:

  • In an effort to make every airdrop rewarding, they will all contain a laminated armor, a hunting rifle, or both.
Planned Bug Fixes
  • In this build you'll notice some new diagnostic information when on load screens that will help us pinpoint the root causes.
  • Found at least one major cause for vehicles appearing to sink into the terrain and explode when approached.
  • This case has been fixed and we're still investigating to make sure there aren't other culprits here.
  • AK-47 shooting sound effect should no longer continue to play after dying.
  • Kill Receipts should no longer occasionally be missing the player name.
  • Removed redundant text from the “Kill Streak” Kill Receipt.
  • Twitch Prime off-roader skin should now properly persist between games.
  • The missing color from the UK shirt has been fixed.

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