There are dozens and dozens of things one needs to know when faced with a universe of reanimated corpses. To give you a leg up on living the wasteland of H1Z1 Here's our top 10 survival tips and tricks. Read them completely, they are the only thing keeping you alive.




1. Keep a Low Profile

Everything in H1Z1 wants you dead. It is up to you to keep that from becoming a reality. The best way to go around and remain alive is to stay quiet. Zombies and other players are drawn to loud noises such as chopping down a tree or starting up a car. You might choose to keep yourself warm by the fire, but bear in mind that fire generates smoke and can be found from a great distance. You might end up in a pinch and have to fire a gun, but keep in mind that with that great power come great consequences. Sticking to a silent weapon like the bow will keep things quiet when you will need to dispatch an enemy.

2. Look Under Every Rock

The title of this game is scavenging. When in a home or building, be certain you seek it from top to bottom. You might come up empty handed since other survivors looted the location before you got there, but it's always worth looking. Whatever you find is important to keeping you alive. You may think an empty water bottle is just trash, but you also can fill it in the lake and boil it on a fire for new clean drinking water!

3. The Hills are Alive

Zombies are not the only things running around out in the wild. On your travels you will come across a wide range of wildlife. That wolf may seem like the family pet you'd like to have but do not be fooled, they'll take you down faster than you can blink. Deer are a excellent source of food but they may also be utilised as a diversion tool for the zombies. The undead will chase anything that moves -- they don't care what it is. And watch out for bears; do not even think about taking one down unless you are really, very well equipped.

4. Crafting is Key

You won't find everything you need straight away, but you can finally make it yourself. This is the reason it's important to pick up all kinds of different materials. You never know what it is possible to make until you try mixing them via the discovery system. Learn simple things such as bandages and advancement to things like full structures. You will be amazed by the amount of helpful items that you can make with your own two hands.

5. Have the Latest Information

If you are lucky enough to read this before all major infrastructures like power and the internet have gone down, then you are one of those lucky few. Before you do anything else, make sure that you follow us on all of our official social networking stations.

6. Vehicles are a Gift and a Curse

Count your lucky stars if you happen across one of the very rare working vehicles. They are the very best way to get across the property quickly. You may use them to store your excess equipment and when you're inside, the dead can't reach you. Be mindful that the sound of the vehicle will instantly alert zombies and other survivors to your presence. Sure, you can run them over like an overpowered bowling ball but the quantity of chaos you create will just draw more. Make sure you have all of the parts you need to make the vehicle run also.

7. Learn Who You Can Trust / Trust No One

You will inevitably run into other survivors on your journeys but tread carefully when meeting another person for the first time. They're out here trying to live at any price, just like you are. Some may want to work together but others are living in a "kill or be killed" state of mind. Even your best friend might look at you a little differently when you find an extremely rare item.

8. Know What You Signed Up For

Just like any other catastrophic world event, the landscape of H1Z1 will change a fantastic deal as time goes on. Game crashes and bugs are merely a part of life in Historical Access, and we appreciate all of your bug reports and opinions! If things do go wrong, rest assured that a team of highly skilled folks are working on the issue and can get things up and running when zombily possible. Is that a word? It is now.

9. Build Your Home

After a time of living an embarrassing, nomadic way of life, you might want to opt to set roots down. The benefits of preparing camp would be many. You can plant plants in your lawn for a steady source of food. The walls around your new home will keep you protected from the undead. They'll require some upkeep but it is going to be well worth it.

10. Defend It

Your home base will quickly become the envy of most. It's up to you to make sure a roving band of bandits do not come to take everything you worked so hard for. It's important to find someone who will help you defend your own keep. Two pairs of eyes are better than one. You may even set up a string of traps for the unsuspecting bandits. Luring hordes of zombies only outside your walls is also a nice deterrent to would-be human looters -- type of a moat with undead. This is your new residence in the apocalypse; defend it to your last breath!

There are many, many more things to learn about surviving in H1Z1 and your knowledge will grow with time and experience. From all of us at the Zombie Survival Institute, best wishes from rpgah! You will find cheap h1z1 kotk skins here.