Daybreak Game Company's online multiplayer zombie survival game H1Z1: Simply Survive is getting a new name. After today, the game is going to be known simply as Only devour. It will feature a new map and new lore, officially breaking with the H1Z1 franchise.

"A new narrative has been established, separating Only devour in the H1Z1 world class. Just Survive's rebranding and content update represents the development team's evolved vision for the game and lays the basis for future upgrades in the months to come," Daybreak stated in a media release.

The history of the H1Z1 franchise can be a little hard to parse. The first game, called simply H1Z1, was developed by Sony Online Entertainment and launched to Steam's Early Access program in January 2015. It featured two distinct modes.

H1Z1's first mode was a persistent online survival game in the tradition of DayZ. It featured a large open map full of zombies. Little groups of players competed with each other over enormous distances for rare resources.




H1Z1's next style was known as Battle Royale, and was created in part with the support of Brendan "Playerunknown" Greene, who'd later go on to make Playerunknown's Battlegrounds. It was a much more fast-paced, arena-style combat game completely devoid of zombies.

In February 2015, Sony Online Entertainment was sold off to an investment firm and renamed Daybreak Game Company. One year later H1Z1 split into two different matches. The persistent zombie survival game became H1Z1: Just Survive, while the fast paced, arena-style combat match became H1Z1: King of the Kill. Owners of the first H1Z1 received copies of both of these new games within their Steam libraries.

Thus, to recap: First there was H1Z1. There there was H1Z1: Just Survive (the one with zombies) and H1Z1: King of the Kill (the one without zombies). After today, there'll just be one H1Z1 game, known as H1Z1: King of the Kill. Another match the one with the zombies, mind you will be called Just Survive.

Only Survive is getting a "completely new world map" called Badwater Canyon, which is rolled out over time. The game will even feature a brand new player housing system named Stronghold.

"Players can build strong structures and reinforce them with a range of defenses and traps to fend off coordinated attacks," Daybreak said. "Tough players with opportunities to protect and attack, Strongholds encourage creative problem solving. In addition, these foundations can be customized by gamers, to make their in-game homes unique."

Jones stated that the game dissociated itself with H1Z1's PvP mindset and became its own game with its own world. The game is now a survival sandbox sport, where people fight off zombies, wildlife, and other gamers.

Players will no longer spawn anywhere but will spawn in a military base. To compensate for this, enemies are made more powerful in the game. However, those new to Just Survive can learn gameplay mechanics without getting slaughtered by more seasoned players if they happen to be unfortunate. "It's an opportunity for players to kind of get their feet wet, discover this world in a safe environment, and perhaps encounter a couple of players who might be able to help them along the way," Jones said.

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