Thanks to the Chinese ministry of civilization's legislation from earlier this season, games which feature a loot box program must publish the chance of each of the potential drops, er, dropping. Now that CS:GO has finally had a formal Chinese launch, Valve's local partners Perfect World have released those chances.




Here is the announcement on CS:GO's Chinese site, which (seemingly) also links to a real-time feed of in-game drops which neither you nor I will have the ability to read.

OOMeowthOo on Reddit supplied a translation - that, surprising no-one, is a lot easier to read than Google's - but it's still not very clear, probably because Perfect World have presented the chances in terms which relate each rarity tier to the last. That is: this is how rare a yellow drop is contrasted to some reddish, compared to some pink, in comparison to a purple, in comparison to some blue, and so on.

Say you could open 125.12 instances. Based on Perfect World's ratios, here's what would fall:

  • Blue - 100 items - 79.92%
  • Purple - 20 items - 15.98%
  • Pink - 4 items - 3.2%
  • Red - 0.8 items - 0.64%
  • Yellow - 0.32 items - 0.26%

Perfect World also say that any grade of item has a 10% likelihood of falling its Stat-trak version. So that's a 0.026% likelihood of scoring a yellow stat-track item. Sweet.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive isn't updated like other esports. Even though Dota 2 will reinvent itself every three months, CS:GO's changes are so subtle you may not even find them logging in from day to day. To help alleviate you in discovering this, we are going to monitor the latest updates to the sport in this post. Each time Valve upgrades the match, we'll let you know what is worth worrying about, what isn't, and provide as complete a changelog as you can.

If this isn't enough change for you, try one of those other best FPS out there. CS:GO's most current version is, which went live on September 7th. Here is the breakdown:


  • Added an excuse for Overwatch griefing convictions that gamers could be convicted for not participating in the game for an extended period of time 


  • Added support for asynchronously loading gift sender's title for unacknowledged items obtained as a present.
  • Fixed a problem that prevented display items from getting unequipped in loadout.
  • Applying a trade-restricted sticker will now also transfer its 'Tradable After' limitation to the weapon. If both the sticker and the weapon had been sellable instantly on Steam Community Market afterward the weapon using the sticker will remain sellable immediately.


  • Limited-time offers will now always be accessible to users starting the game.
  • Limited-time provides will now always be replenished when one of them is bought.


  • For log-parsing, all disconnect messages will no longer contain a newline character.
  • Added a plugin method IServerTools::CreateItemEntityByName which should be used when plugins need to create weapon entities by schema name.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a client error “CL_ReadPreserveEnt: u.m_nNewEntity == MAX_EDICTS” on some community servers.
  • Expanded server capacity for official datacenter in Tianjin, China.

The latest patch is roughly 20MB in size. You can check out the full update notes. More csgo weapon skins at