Dust2 continues to be hugely popular from the time it had been presented within the Counter-Strike 1.1 patch. To this day it really is undoubtedly the most played with map. Although the terrorist side is somewhat favored by Dust2, it should be considered among the most balanced aggressive maps in the present chart pool. Because of the acceptance of the road individuals have found lots of different ways to shield both bombsites that were iconic.

What we, alongside numerous others, are finding through the years is that it really is frequently better to go for retakes rather than to keep around the websites and battle towards the demise. That is particularly true for that A-website as there's generally nowhere to cover up in the event that you get pushed from brief and both long in the same time. Over at B you've more alternatives along with a single player could, with assistance from the player that is middle, work wonders.

The set up

We love to seize control by delivering two people over there, over-long early within the round. A pop thumb can be thrown by the 2nd participant only just about to happen to permit the first player to get to pit. If the terrorists haven't found any type of hostility towards extended following a few seconds the next person could rotate back to either A-site or core, determined by what information you have.

The 3rd player can carry short from above the steps, ready to drop-down to CT- spawn if he spots terrorists. If not as well as the person in core has a clear view of catwalk, the limited player could force on slightly and go for a quick peek towards lower tunnels for data.

The fourth person can maintain mid. Their job is to give the A-players information regarding anything slowing that popular B, in addition to occurring at designer -divided through core and tunnels. This is often a bit tricky as you can't glimpse design without getting your life along with the round at risk when the terrorists have an AWP. Just remember to call-out that you just don't possess control over designer anymore.

The fifth player is clearly the B-player. I like to position them possibly on program or on the site to ensure that he can fallback following the initial duel. When the stars align and also the middle player is prepared using a thumb, the B-participant can pick two kills up, building the retake a lot more easy.

Some Neat Tricks

Dust2 varies from other maps in that you will have to fit oneself at risk simply to achieve among the websites. I am naturally talking about the doors in core. An experienced (or blessed) AWPer can take you out only moments to the round. A great deal of enough time you intend to save your valuable cigarettes for later, although one choice is always to put a smokescreen up. Another method to do it is to utilize a grenade. The black smoke in the surge operates in the same way great as a smoke grenade.

Sometimes you intend to get yourself a person on limited faster up. Those moments you'll be able to merely improve them from the containers only -spawn. The disadvantage is the fact that you may simply have one player over at long for a number of moments. Luckily you should use this smoke to assist them.


The retake starts long before the blast decreases except the terrorists opt to go to get a dash. The extra information you accumulate early-on, the higher decisions you'll be ready to generate later. Let's imagine your person on N has noticed some terrorists in your buddy and tunnels in mid noticed somebody peeking from the top of core. You are on extended and it's really been all silent so far. Now you have three options. You're able to press towards T-spawn which, provided the information you've, is really a play that is hazardous but with excellent potential prize. You may be ready to back stab the enemy in mid or you are able to explain to you T- become in an excellent location to get an N and spawn -retake.

The second solution is to fall back towards the A-website, so that you are nearer to B if the episode happens. The danger with that play is the fact that your opponents might decide to go long after all until they're around opening and also you wont realize. Finally, you'll be able to opt to stay-put and wait for more info. In this scenario it'll take you ages to get at W when their approach is executed by the terrorists because direction.

That's the concept that is general. Gauge the information you have and create an informed guess in regards to what your competitors can do.

If you attempt to retake bombsite B, this flash could be actually efficient:



It can perform miracles should you time it properly having a teammate sporting through channels. Make sure to talk: who's going to clear what facets?

This retake flash is a different one that enables after it pops, you to push right:



Aim at the steep spot next to the stairs, run and throw. However successful, simple. That thumb will make it a whole lot simpler for the friends in CT-spawn to get deeper. And if you are fortunate you might grab a kill if you catch a foe off guard.

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