It also includes the ability of controlled shooting, as in waiting approximately .2-.5 seconds between firing off bursts of photos. We want to prevent what's known as spray and pray, or holding down the shooting button endlessly. First let's take a peek for an improper technique.

If you are moving in one direction constantly, while holding down the firing button, you will realize that the bullet layout is inconsistent and all over the area. We can't determine where the bullet will land and this sort of technique will result in rather low precision.




However, if we use the strafe keys (A and D keys) to move in a constant back and forth direction, whilst burst firing, we can control the specific locations of our bullets. Here is a good illustration of strafe shooting when going back and forth.;

Try practicing this on a map with a distinguishable pattern. We are going to use bombsite B in the map de_dust2 to show you an example in this tutorial. From the below pictures, we begin our goal on the left side of the B. We're shooting while strafing, beginning from the left Side, and following the anticipated movement of our enemy to the proper side of the B.

The outcome is a wonderful shotgroup. Strafing while shooting will greatly increase your probability of winning a matchup from the open.

Another problematic bug has been observed in CS:GO, and it involves an issue with sound cues.

The bug involves a user's game client not registering an enemy's participant model position behind walls. As a result, running footstep sounds cannot be heard even if the listener is behind an adjacent wall straight near an enemy.

Players should typically have the ability to hear footsteps of all players no matter whether they're about the map radar or not. Now, however, it has become clear that enemy footsteps can only be heard if they're shown as a red dot on the radar, and that requires a teammate to spot them for you. This is especially an issue if they are not on your line of sight. The above video shows the problem on Cache in sunlight.

Jambo, who discovered the bug, claims that this problem only appears in Valve Matchmaking servers and not on third party servers, like those hosted by FACEIT. He also believes that the anti-wallhack (convar "pvs_min_player_distance") alternative set in Valve servers might have something to do with the issue. That choice basically adds a client-based model distance limit to prevent cheaters using a wallhack from watching you from far away.

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