ile lots of the focus in the battle royale genre has been on another name, a lot of eyes have been on H1Z1 to see just how Daybreak Games would respond to all of the new stuff that is now in a marketplace that they had formerly cornered for some time. I got a chance to visit with a few of the devs behind the sport and test out the current build that they're working on with new updates added.

One of the biggest problems brought up by present players was load times and RNG. As you can see by the beautiful graphic Daybreak provided under, the next upgrade is seeking to fix those issues as they'll be making load times quicker with fewer menus. It also resembles the upcoming few planned upgrades will contain more vehicles to get around, more air drops, better weapons, and an accelerated timeline to have quicker games that aren't drawn out for thirty minutes.

Speaking of weapons, it seems the weapons system is getting an overhaul of sorts that's more in-depth than previously. Now gun drops will probably possess tiers, as you can see from the diagram below, which will consist of items you are familiar with and some you have not seen. The AR-15 is only a small instance, as it was suggested to me that the new system will probably be going in for many firearms and some new TBA weapons on the way.

In general, when I tried out the new H1Z1 modifications for myself, I had a good deal smoother game experience than previously. I can't really put my finger on it, but something about it seems a lot better. I am chalking all of this up to contest since as the old adage goes, you can only run so quickly when you're running on your own.

There's been a ton of good feedback, debate and evaluation regarding the weapon varies, so that is where I'll start. So as to comprehend why we are making at least one of these modifications, it is important to understand where the sport is going. We intend to lean into those characteristics with a focus on team play, but so as to get there, we've got to evolve the sport (and the team, and the tech, the surgeries, etc.. .) .

The key to that evolution is a strong foundation for combat. This update is an inflection point, but it's only the very first huge step. From the very start, we have involved members of this community in the design and development procedure. Over the past couple of months we've brought groups out to San Diego on many occasions for hands-on feedback and discussion. Before the upgrade went to examine, we hosted a dedicated combat machine which we made accessible to long time gamers, streamers and pros. Ultimately, we've iterated in people on our Test Server for the past few weeks. Even though we have involved a lot of you in the start and we've communicated WHAT we're doing, I believe that we haven't done a good enough job of explaining WHY we are doing it. So today, I'm going to make our goals apparent AND share some new info that you haven't heard previously.




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