Terrorists play and Counter-Terrorists play defensively, everyone who plays with with any Counter-Strike game understands this is a rule of the game. But used in the time that is suitable and in the correct way CT-Side aggression can be a great way to get an early pick on an unaware terrorist or merely to obtain map control that is early. CT Eco rushes are a excellent way to do some damage and are a common approach in MM games. However within this guide I am only discussing using more moves of aggression on purchase rounds that are complete. I will highlight my single favourite place to play aggressively on 3 of the active duty competitive maps but you can move the notions onto any map from the game.



CT Side Aggression on Eco Rounds

You just lost a round, you and your team are out of cash and you are forced into an eco. Perhaps you whip out the recently reworked Five-SeveN, or you stick with the trusty CZ-75. In any event, you're still going to be up against rifles or SMGs. Read our article on optimizing your CT side eco rounds to learn more about what you should be prioritizing when you are playing from an economic deficit.

The good thing about pistols is that they have a ton less recoil than the usual full-auto rifle. The bad thing is that their range is nowhere near that of a rifle, particularly with the recent overhaul of pistol mechanics.

I recommend holding tight corners using a fast-firing pistol like the CZ or 5-7. All you have to do is hold your angle and await an enemy to walk in your crosshairs. Two good examples of this situation would be by the barrel by Long Doors on Dust 2 or behind B Baths on Cobblestone. Both of these are "aggressive" in the sense that you're taking an advanced position, but they're also passive in the sense that you are waiting for the other team to appear before you make a play.

The Best Time to Go Aggressive?

Whether you're on eco or a full-buy, it's generally more valuable to be competitive at the beginning of a round, and that is why. If you wait until later in the round to push one place, you're giving the enemy time to establish and await a push. Should you push at the start of a round, odds are you are going to catch the enemy off guard, thus granting you more firearms or kills. In expert play, mid- to - late-round aggression is usually more viable, but for the PUGs, aggression is a dish best served ancient.

CT-side aggression is all about playing smart and playing safe. I've just provided the positions since they have functioned well in my experience however the same concepts can be applied to many different spots. To sum up the key to CT-side aggression is taking it slow and not hurrying or forcing a crazy drive that makes you no where. Provided that you play it smart and use the maps angles and choke points to you advantage there are no limitations to what this simple but difficult to master suggestion can cause you.

The above is what we would like to share with you about CT Side Aggression in CS:GO. Of course there are more csgo guides you have to learn during your csgo playing journey. This one is just a little part of all guides. More guides at rpgah.com with the best CSGO Weapon Skins for you.