With the update smokes should extinguish the fire since they are intended to do. The height which cigarettes may bounce off of walls and extinguish flames has been decreased to help combat this bug. The first shift in the brand new update focuses on smokes and flame. Times in competitive games, and in professional games smoke grenades have bounced into flame and then bounced out another side as if it was never there.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has received yet another new update, this time focusing on the connections involving smoke grenades and fire, and also addressing the price of some of the weapons from the game.

The update also brings enormous change that may have a huge effect on aggressive games. Pistol rounds are almost always significant, as winning the first round can allow you an economic advantage, and of course the opportunity to win another one or 2 rounds readily afterwards. From the miscellaneous section of the upgrade, Valve has fixed a couple of small issues, combated a few cheats, and has added a brand new crosshair shape.

Two pistols, the Double Elites and the Revolver, have had their prices reduced earning them more viable as an option in the first rounds. The Elites price $400, which means that the firing pistol option can now be purchased along with a kit for the CTs. Cl_crosshair_t will remove the portion of your crosshair to turn it into a T shape.



CS:GO Full Patch Notes:


– Fixed rare cases when smoke would not extinguish fire when it bounces between the flames.
– Reduced the height at which smoke grenades that bounce off of walls can extinguish flames.
– Fixed a bug where bullets could sometimes fail to penetrate player arms.
– Reduced price by $100 for both the Revolver (now $600) and Dual Elites (now $400).


– Fixed gloves not appearing on certain custom maps that skip default equipment.
– Added an option cl_crosshair_t for a T-shaped crosshair.
– Fixed StatTrak music kits not showing StatTrak™ logo in limited time offers.
– Fixed a case where certain cheats could approximate the random seed used on the game server.
– Added a way to acquire a worldwide CS:GO license for accounts running outside of CS:GO Launcher.

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