Valve just launched another update about those maps for Counter-Strike: this time and Global Offensive, it's all.

Three maps are increasingly being adjusted with Pathways going right through the greatest adjustments. Problems were surfacing about places on Canals where in case a participant got killed and the blast flew into a specific place, the blast could be caught for the rest of the round.

Militia and was overhauled a bit as CT spawn was transferred just a little nearer to the Hostage Rescue Region and so they blocked-off the pond in the previous website that was spawn.

Release Notes for March 29, 2017:


  • When inspecting in game items from user's own inventory, from other users' inventories, and from Community Market, players can now see an official Item Certificate that includes Finish Style, Finish Catalog Number, Pattern Template, and Wear Rating.
  • Adjusted the nearby lobbies search algorithm, in addition to geographic proximity by distance, to include more results from the same country as the searching user, providing more relevant results for players living near borders.


  • Canals:
    fixed gap in bomb site B wall
    fixed missing texture in bridge visible from arch
    fixed overlapping geometry at A site
    fixed a few places near T spawn where bomb could get stuck
    increased fade distances on some props that were distracting
    adjusted wall geometry in prison stairs to fix lighting glitch
    increased light map grid resolution in prison lobby
    added a piece of cardboard under new toolbox at B to block glitchy sightline
    removed one of the picnic tables at Short
    fixed pixelwalk in shoe shop
    fixed errant clip brush on balcony
    made it more difficult to climb the wood sign to B from boost
    trimmed top corners of courtyard building facing the stairs
    fixed nav file where lamp posts were removed
    adjusted balcony arch prop to fix gaps
  • Militia:
    Moved up CT spawns and hostage rescue zone
    Blocked off river and area around old CT spawn
    Shortened underground tunnel, now exits into garage
    New hostage spawn positions, removed position from small house in yard, hostages will always spawn one on upper floor and one on lower floor of main house/garage
    Opened up house near silos, can now use door to enter/exit instead of window only
    Added some cover near tunnel exit in yard
    Moved terrorist spawn area to balcony at back of house
    Added cover in long-range areas
    Fixed several boosts/exploits
    Smoothed out movement in general



The A site might need some work

Possibly the area of the road that has triggered the most fights among CS people has been the a bomb site. While almost every other website in CS:GO has numerous facets of episode, and a large amount of cover, the A site of Pathways is truly fairly available, with minor to hide behind. you could nevertheless simply be struck with wall hits, although the site is found in a tiny threshold location that's raised from street level – there are small aspects of cover in the website.
This openness means while this sounds in their favour it can basically work like a problem for the T area and that getting within the site unseen is near impossible. Should they find a way to get a pick down near A, and can make certain that the OP screen that seems down on the site is distinct, chances are they have a simple seed without anxiety about being snuck on, as one team-mate can very quickly discover every access for the site.
At levels of play this spot often results in some long-distance, or the dash gun fights, neither that are especially interesting. Therefore there could need to be to simply how this place that is available is some function. To be able to sneak onto the website shouldn't be easy, but it probably must be a practical start.

B site is perfect for wall bangs

The B blast website is on a first floor path on the channel itself. The path contains incredibly thin surfaces and has four windows, meaning that wallbangs are truly possible. Possibly inside our own perform, we've had success planting in the centre of B, after which going for a few potshots through the walls if we see some motion, enjoying the pathway where the site is and operating towards the back of the tube. Delivering they don't have a package you should have ample time to remove them before they obtain the calm, and add the highlight reel and another cut.
The site itself is also fairly enclosed, and offering you have a few participants for support there's no reason why you couldn't hold a small grouping of five opponents that are uncoordinated off. If you are not sure which area the competitors are via, however that is the situation for nearly every website, concerns start to occur.

It feels very T favoured

Among the more prevalent gripes in the group is how simple it go onto acquire a round and may be for your T side to plant. The W website is apparently one of the more controversial locations, with the T aspect having the ability to reach it at virtually once since the CT area when they run there as rapidly as you can from spawn. Before the Ts arrive doesn't look like too much to request, providing the CTs at least a matter of seconds to get into place and acquire set. Additionally, there are issues with dealing with the back of B. To get at there, or to street, they possibly must cross the T website path, or go over connection. This means that they have to cross two places that may quickly be viewed with a T using an AWP relaxing between top and lower connection within the canal. This makes an AWP a vital purchase for any well-funded T part who want to attack N, being an early cross place snipe can provide a serious gain for the remaining round.

The pros could change all this

There have of course been no standard fits to the map nevertheless, while a lot of the professionals have already been enjoying on the guide, when tactics could definitely change and that's. We have observed that if the community gets their hands-on a map they produce good quality starts, but when the pros acquire some time on it against one another, that's once the map's meta actually starts to take shape. You can anticipate them to discover a lot of fresh troubles and develop fresh ideas with this being a new road there will possibly be some huge adjustments before that occurs, but when professional squads do begin to face off on Canals.

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