Daybreak Game Company continues to tweak, change, and enhance its battle royale shooter H1Z1: King of the Kill. Observing the recent battle update, PC Gamer has been given a look at three new weapons coming to the game in a future update, and during a conversation with Anthony Castoro, KotK's general director, along with David Mendelsohn, creative director, they also talked about Daybreak's strategies for some sizable changes they hope can lead to more intense matches, in addition to shorter ones.

New Weapons Added into H1Z1

First. Above you can see the KH43, intended to the AK-47, which doesn't hit hard but has a higher rate of fire and also is easier to handle. "The fully automatic KH43 is a counterpart to the AK47, and it trades damage for accuracy," states Daybreak. "While it takes more shots to kill, it's a bit easier to control and gives the user an additional option when going into battle."




There's the battle shotgun that is new. Having a adjusted choke and spread it requires more precision but it is also more forgiving thanks to a greater rate of flame and a larger mag.

"As the game evolves we plan on providing unique power weapons which you are never going to see in the map, like grenade launchers, rocket launchers, heavy machine guns, stuff like that," said Mendelsohn, though it should be noted these more powerful weapons will not be arriving at precisely the exact same time as the firearms shown above, however at some point further down the road. "We anticipate the past minute or thirty seconds of a game to be way higher in strength both visually and from what we're anticipating the players to process in any given minute," Mendelsohn said. "

As the game progresses you will find even additional improvements on such weapons which come prepackaged with all the equipment you will need to have the ability to take down somebody or get the competitive edge over somebody who's using just the simple variant of the weapons." And, the three weapons above may be the start of a new era of carnage for KotK, as there are powerful ones on the way.

Weapon Skins for H1Z1: King of the Kill

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Moreover, H1Z1: King Of The Kill Get Massive Update in the latest opdate.

Vehicles have had many things adjusted about them, from what gamers can perform in them to how they could take damage from other exploding vehicles. As for brand new things, the game is attracting a crate and a Skirmish mode.

For the crate, it is known as the Trickster Crate. Though details were not given, it did reveal a mask along with a exceptional skin for a gun in the picture for this. The Skirmish Mode is called Swagnum Opus, also all of you're given the Swagnum and a single bullet to get it. There are bullets you can find, but you start out that way.