The Negev light-machine-gun has been re-put into competitive Counter-Strike having a significant change, and its ramifications are scary.

Valve removed the Negev (plus the R8 Revolver) from competing Dating for “substantial revision” in regards to a month before. In that same update, it gave the popular LMG “new attributes to promote This meant changing the spray pattern entirely. After the 20 bullets, the pattern stabilizes in to a 120-round laser beam that's quickly managed with minimal energy. Purchasing a Negev in its existing type is of becoming a turret, the equivalent. Thankfully, players didn't need to suffer from the Negev in competitive play's wrath as yet.




Valve's update, called “Volver”, or “Return” in Spanish, gives the initial price that is price to practically a third of the tools that are admired “for a time” that is restricted. Next update, the purchase price was decreased 000, to $4. Currently, 000 cost continues to be halved to $2, the $4,000—a price that is tremendously easy point to reach. The foolish cost change has not been justified by Valve's Release notes as an easy way to “promote analysis with all the weapon” and “evaluate their impact.”

“Over recent years days we've viewed people use the freshly adjusted weapons while in the everyday game settings, and also the next step will be to attempt them out . We expect that the Negev will be a situational system that can need experimentation to teams' section to be effective, so as a starting place its value has been decreased considerably,” Valve said to the Counter-Strike website.

The aggressive meta will probably differ from AK - 47s to Negevs during this time period of cheap cost and “experimentation.” spray control makes the LMG an alternative that is economically viable. Participants are now able to choose the over-powered LMG through the second-round regardless of outcome of the gun round (with some conditions). In case you earn the pistol round with any buy, you can afford to buy a Negev without grenades with kevlar along with a helmet. The example by which you wouldn't be capable of pay the Negev in case you used over $500 after a gun round reduction is and didn't get yourself a kill.

This current update is laughably similar to the genesis of the R8 Revolver in November 2015—especially thinking about the blogpost is titled “Volver.” The addition of the Revolver to CS:GO likewise broke the meta through that moment, and infuriated professional players because One Shot eliminate capabilities from any selection while shifting. Likewise, the Negev has undergone meta-breaking changes that will temporarily interrupt gameplay's normality.

On the bright area, the Revolver value was reduced by Valve and changed the HRTF audio-system a bit. It also presented town a brandname-fresh pair of chickens decorated as bunnies to honor the Easter getaway. The repair notes that were entire is found below.


Prevent procedural placement of spawn points in locations where players would be stuck.
War Games maps now change every day.
Fix a bug where suicides could sometimes count towards the objective in Guardian missions.
Fix a bug in “Any Pistol” Guardian missions that prevented CZ75-Auto kills from counting towards the objective.
Fixed a bug where Guardian journal would show wrong target kill amounts on certain missions
 Fixed a bug that caused players to not be able to buy between waves in extremely long Guardian rounds.


Fixed numbering of players in competitive spectator HUD to have increasing numbers from top to bottom for both teams.


Fixed max round loss bonus regression.


Added npc clips to prevent bots falling in the water.

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