Are you seeking a gaming keyboard? The following article is written for you. We're going to present you the top gaming keyboards, especially for H1Z1. We will analyze the keyboards most used by professional gamers while describing why they picked these goods. Switch Types, anti-ghosting technologies, actuation force and detection space, we'll all clarify. If you're in a rush, buying one of these three keyboards will necessarily be a good option, go to it.




TOP Keyword: Corsair Vengeance K70 RGB RapidFire

It is the legendary keyboard that made the fame of Corsair in Gaming. High-end keyboard of the Corsair brand, the K70 is a mechanical-type keyboard and features anti-ghosting technology. This is a keyboard that we regularly find in professionals.

The mechanical keys are Cherry MX, and one can choose its favorite model from all available variants: Blue, Red, Brown or even speed. Corsair K70 also has the advantage of owning a comfy rubber wrist rest which allows you to spend long hours playing without distress on the wrists.

Concerning material quality, the chassis is Matt Aluminium, which is fantastic for durability and long term resistance. The keys are reactive and do not fade easily.

If you truly want to have the ability to customize the colours of this keyboard, choose the RGB version. If compared, a classic backlight is sufficient for you, the standard version is ideal and will force you to save money.


A switch is said to be linear or tactile based on its sensitivity. Thus, a keyboard with touch switch is going to have much more elastic touch back than a linear switch. This makes it feasible to "feel" if a key has been activated or not. For gambling, the distinction is not paramount and is more akin to a game relaxation, the linear switch reassuring you that your ability has been launched.

Activation Distance

Standard 2 mm on the Cherry MX, this usually means that the key will have been contemplated depressed once it's travelled 2 mm. Note that the maximum driving distance to get a key is 4 millimeter.

Actuating Force

This is the required pressure on a key to drive it to its activation space (2 mm). A light weight makes activation faster, as a bit is sufficient. A top force will protect you out of a missed click at the fateful moment. The higher the potency, the higher the "stiffness" sensation of a key.


The mechanical keyboards create an audible rattle. With respect to the Cherry MX, all make the exact same sound, with the exclusion of the blue switch, more pronounced. A difference in sound can be felt between two keyboards with the exact same switch. This is clarified by the materials employed for the remaining part of the keyboard and a potential resonance effect.

A click or not

Some mechanical keyboard switches are intended to provide you a "click" exactly when a key was pressed. This "click" allows you to identify the force required to press the key. Because it isn't always required to go to the bottom.

Because when you're not accustomed to it, then you may be nuisance following the effort of pressing the keys to the bottom every time. But with just a little time and generally, this little click if you pay attention will allow you to gain in rate, as your way of scanning will be lighter.

Each keyboard has its advantages and disadvantages. However, if you utilize its strength skillfully, you can take as much of advantages of each keyword. Hope you find your best keyboard after reading our guide from RPGAH.COM. And if you want to buy cheap h1z1 kotk skins, rpgah is also a good choice.