Games are something that we love to play, be it in the computer, the fancy alienware technologies, the Xbox or in the Play Stations. Different platforms and hardware allow different perspectives of the games to be highlighted. There are quite a few genres as well, to give the gamers a comprehensive satisfaction. Action and shooting has been in the trend for a long time now, and one of the best games in that genre includes the Counter Strike: Global Offense. It is deservedly one of the most popular games online. Counter Strike itself is extremely popular and with advanced graphics and better gameplay in Global Offense, it has become one of the favorites and a classic among gamers around the world.

Counter Strike: Global Offense (abbreviated as CSGO), is a multiplayer first-person shooter game that was developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation. Released in August 2012, this was the fourth edition of the Counter Strike Series. While most part of the game remained the same with that of the previous versions, there was a major upgrade in the graphics, skins and the available weapons in-game. With update and extended maps and upgraded bots, this game became an instant favorite among the players playing online. There are two modes, like the previous versions, the offline mode with bots and the online mods, which enable gamers to compete with other gamers around the world, connecting their game to an online host server. The offline mode offers a better gameplay compared to the previous versions with tougher bots to make it a little more competitive for players looking to increase their shooting skills.



But why do you need to play Counter Strike: Global Offense?

Like some of the other games available online, CS:GO offers competitions across the world where gamers meet and compete with each other to earn cash prizes up to 0.15 million dollars. That is quite a sum for gamers and serves as a motivation to excel in their gaming. Apart from these competitions, this game can be taken up at a professional level, where people can play and earn and represent different companies promoting this game, and getting their hands on the future versions of the Counter Strike series. This serves as a good profession and a healthy income for people who are into gaming right from their childhood days. This is one of the many reasons, why you need to play Counter Strike: Global Offense.

Another important aspect or customization is the skins of the players. It does not affect the gameplay but when you are in the legendary status of the players playing online, you need to touch your customization and make in-game character look more flexible and stylish, in order to make a statement when you enter the lobby. Hence, skins are an essential part of the game, particularly when you need to touch-up your character a bit. Skins can be found at various websites at affordable prices that will guarantee you the best looks and make your character stand out in the game. So buy skins from the proper place and have a great time playing CSGO!

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