Best leveling build and skill tree setup tips for the Barbarian in the Diablo 4 open beta

With the open beta release of Diablo 4, players are eagerly diving into the game to explore the vast world of Sanctuary once again. As players progress through the game, they will need to build their character with the right skills and gear to take on tougher challenges. One of the most popular classes in Diablo 4 is the Barbarian, known for their brute strength and resilience. In this article, we will discuss the best leveling build and skill tree setup tips for the Barbarian in the open beta.

Choosing the Right Skills for the Barbarian

The Barbarian class has three skill trees, namely, Blood, Fury, and Wild. Each skill tree has its own unique set of abilities that cater to different play styles. For leveling up quickly, we recommend focusing on the Fury tree as it offers the most damage output and mobility.

One of the best skills in the Fury tree is Whirlwind, which allows the Barbarian to spin rapidly, dealing damage to enemies in the area. This skill is perfect for clearing out groups of enemies quickly and efficiently. Another great skill to consider is Rend, which deals damage over time to enemies in a cone in front of the Barbarian. This skill is especially effective against tougher enemies with high health pools.

For defensive abilities, we recommend using Ground Stomp and Leap. Ground Stomp creates a shockwave that stuns enemies, allowing the Barbarian to dish out damage while they are unable to move. Leap is great for quickly moving around the battlefield and avoiding attacks from enemies.

Investing in Passive Skills

In Diablo 4, players can invest in passive skills that provide a permanent bonus to their character. These skills can greatly enhance the Barbarian's abilities, making them more powerful and resilient. One of the most useful passive skills for the Barbarian is Berserker Rage, which increases the Barbarian's damage output when their health is low. This skill is perfect for those times when the Barbarian is in a tight spot and needs to dish out more damage to survive.

Another great passive skill to invest in is Toughness, which increases the Barbarian's maximum health and reduces incoming damage. This skill is essential for staying alive in tougher battles where enemies deal more damage.

Gear Up for Success

Finally, players should gear up their Barbarian with the right equipment to maximize their damage and survivability. For weapons, we recommend using two-handed swords or axes that deal high damage. Look for weapons with high attack speed and critical hit chance to make the most of your abilities.

Armor is also important, with players looking for gear that provides a balance of offense and defense. Focus on finding armor with high vitality and armor rating to increase your Barbarian's health and resilience.


Overall, the Barbarian is a powerful and versatile class in Diablo 4 that can dish out massive damage while remaining resilient in combat. By focusing on the Fury skill tree, investing in the right passive skills, and gearing up with the right equipment, players can level up quickly and take on tougher challenges in the game's open beta. With the right build and setup, the Barbarian can become an unstoppable force in the world of Sanctuary.

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