Rocket League Season 10 Launches with New Content and Rewards

Rocket League Season 10 has arrived, and players can now explore exciting new features and rewards. The latest season introduces the Volkswagen Golf GTI, which can be obtained through Rocket Pass Premium or by progressing through the Tiers to unlock the upgraded Volkswagen Golf GTI RLE.

In addition, a new arena variant called Deadeye Canyon (Oasis) has been added to the game. This once-barren wasteland has been transformed into a lush oasis, with an explosion of plant and animal life.

For players seeking a more relaxing experience, new Tranquil Tournament Rewards have been introduced. These include the Scalescore Decal, Ramen Bowl Topper, and Spaceman Antenna, all designed to help players unwind after a challenging match.

Season 9 Competitive Rewards will also be distributed shortly after the launch of Season 10, with unused Tournament Credits from the previous season converted into the highest level reward based on a player's Tournament Rank and accumulated credits.

With all these new features, Rocket League Season 10 promises to be an exciting and rewarding experience for players.

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Mar 14, 2023